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Background and Professional Affiliations

Programming Plus® provides the following Computer Consulting Services:

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Unix - Linux - BSD - OpenVMS - Windows - DOS

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Computer Consulting Specialties

A brief sampling of our specialties are in the following areas:

Business Background, Focus and Geography

Programming Plus® was founded in 1985, in New York City (Brooklyn, NY), USA.
We have been offering Computer-Related Consulting Services (Unix/Linux/BSD/OpenVMS/Windows/DOS)
for our clients in the Greater New York City Metropolitan Area (NY/NJ/CT, USA), and beyond, for 35+ Years!

Since 1985, Programming Plus® has worked on and has successfully deployed a vast variety of technical projects for small, medium and large businesses (both domestic and international). Whether connecting businesses to the Internet, developing custom software systems that run businesses, automating business processes and workflow, configuring and maintaining cross-platform multi-user operating environments, or dealing with unexpected computing emergencies, our track record speaks for itself. We are known for delivering intelligent and practical solutions in a professional manner, while providing an exceptional level of quality service. Our solutions have helped our customers become more efficient through the use of technology, resulting in an improved business environment and a gain in competative advantage. Please let us know how we can leverage our 35+ Years of Experience to help you solve your business computing needs.

Our Computer Consulting and Engineering Services are offered to both Businesses and Individuals, in the Corporate, Not-for-Profit and Educational marketplaces. The primary focus for all our services, is the development and ongoing support of Multi-User Computing Systems and Applications, Networked Environments, Internet Connectivity and Internet Servers, for the following operating environments: Unix, Linux, BSD, OpenVMS, and Windows. We have a specialty working with Small to Medium Business (SMB), as well as smaller departments/workgroups within larger organizations (through Fortune 100). We also have extensive experience developing and deploying: Financial and Wall Street Applications, Banking and ACH/NACHA Applications, Bond Pricing and Fixed Income Analytics, Accounting and Invoicing Applications, Real-Time Transactional Funds Transfer/Payment Systems, Communications Systems for Data Transfer and Delivery and Business Process Workflow Automation Projects. Computing Projects have spanned Microprocessor-based Embedded Systems, through Microcomputers, Desktops, Workstations, Servers, Minicomputers, Mainframes, High Performance Computing Clusters and Virtual Machines. Work enviroments have included the following: Commercial, Residential, Educational, Engineering, Laboratory, Manufacturing/Factory, Retail, Computer Center, and Data Center. We have broad business experience, and we have delivered projects for a wide variety of industries.

Our services are offered to businesses across the United States. Our primary region for on-site support is the Greater New York City Tri-State NY/NJ/CT Metropolitan Area. This area spans the following New York counties: Bronx, Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Queens, Richmond (Staten Island), Nassau and Suffolk (Long Island), Westchester and Rockland; as well as New Jersey (Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, Union); and Connecticut (Fairfield). For customers outside of this region, day-to-day support is provided via Remote Support methods, such as Telephone, Facsimile, E-Mail, Modem Dial-In Connectivity, and Secure Internet Remote Access.

Qualifications and Certifications

Robert H. Weiner, P.E.

Licensed Professional Engineer, State of New York.  (NYS Division of Professional Licensing)
Registered Professional Engineer, State of New York.  (NYS Division of Professional Licensing)

The Cooper Union, School of Engineering, New York, N.Y.   (About Cooper Union / Electrical Engineering - EE)
MEEE - Master of Engineering (ME) in Electrical Engineering (EE),
BEEE - Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Electrical Engineering (EE).

Professional Activities, Associations and Affiliations,
Developer Partner Programs and Affiliations,
Reseller/VAR Partner Programs and Affiliations.

Professional Activities, Associations and Affiliations

Developer/Design Partner Affiliations

Reseller/Integrator Partner Affiliations

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